Career Growth Hacks for an Introvert Person

Have you ever heard from someone in your life that you are an Introvert Person?

How did you feel when you think of yourself as an Introvert person as someone referred you?

Naturally, you would wonder what made the other person say that you are an Introvert Person.

Are you born or made an Introvert?

Introvert Person

In my growing up years, there were many situations which I was in where I found myself at discomfort. One of them was whenever the spotlight was on me. I would do anything to get myself out of that space. And once I come out of that zone and I get to be with myself, I breathe a huge sigh of relief !!

I used to dread teachers who had this habit of calling out the names of students to participate in-class activities.

I started slipping my grade downwards from the first rank status which I held till 3rd standard of my schooling to be among the top 10 rank holders… and I was very happy to be among that bunch of kids.

I was not aware as to what was triggering me to change myself to such an extent that it was okay for me not to be the top rank holder which I used to be striving for at the beginning of my schooling years. The fact is that I was very comfortable being not at the top rank position.

Fast forward 20-30 years… more life experiences… there were certain patterns which I could see which I follow when I put myself in social settings or while I was all alone… and finally, it dawned upon me that I am an INTROVERT person.

How does one know what is Introvert Person like?

what is an Introverted person like

Well, these are some signs that you are an Introvert person.

  • You enjoy being in solitude.
  • You derive a lot of energy when you are alone.
  • Social interactions drain you after a point of time and you feel the need to look out for a quiet and secluded place for recharging your batteries.
  • Often you tend to think before you speak.
  • You would prefer to write down your thoughts and ideas over speaking.
  • Given an opportunity, you enjoy hanging out in the company of a few close friends than being a part of a large gathering.
  • You prefer a quiet corner space than to be in the centre surrounded by people.
  • You do not crave to be in the limelight.
  • You are a deep thinker
  • You have very few close friends with whom you have a great bonding and share very strong, meaningful relations.

Well, if you fit into most of the points mentioned above, you fit into the Introvert person meaning.

This answers the question “Can Introverts feel lonely?”

Can Introverts feel lonely

Introverts choose to stay alone to energize themselves. At that point in time, they are at their comfortable best. It does not put them in a state of loneliness, which may be commonly misunderstood.

Read this to know more about the qualities of the introvert person.

You must have got an answer to your question – “How do I know if I am an Introvert Person?”

Now that you know what is an Introverted person like, you would also be interested to know how to succeed as an Introvert person in your career.

While my personal view is that in the corporate settings, there are biases towards Extroversion.

what kind of person are you – Introvert Extrovert

The person who speaks with confidence in public or workplace is seen as more influential.

Somebody who easily mingles around with people, who voices out his views and opinions the most in meetings gets noticed.

Somehow such a person is perceived as more knowledgeable than the rest and also assumed to have leadership skills which may not be true.

All that you know, the person in the limelight is an Extrovert personality.

For a person who is an Extrovert, these are things which come to him naturally.

They derive their energies from being with people around.

They like being in the limelight.

Whereas these are situations which an Introvert fears the most.

It is important to understand what kind of person are you – Introvert/Extrovert?

With that understanding, you can not only cope up with the corporate expectations but can do exceedingly well in your career.

Some simple hacks which will help you grow in your career faster as an Introvert Person:

What is Introvert person
  1. Don’t keep too many meetings in one day

Try to space out meetings as much as you can especially those which will have a larger number of attendees.

Qualities of Introvert person

This way you don’t end up draining yourself out. If, that is not possible at all and your day is filled with many such meetings, ensure to take a solitude break for yourself in between – this could be spending time alone during breaks – stepping out of office, going for a quick walk, having lunch in a quiet corner or listening music.

Though, the natural thing which people do during breaks is to continue discussions in the meeting room itself or break out and continue with discussions in the corridor or at the lunch table – this is not a great thing to do if you are introvert.

The small break away from the crowd can give you the much-needed energy boost which allows you to move back into the meeting room fully charged up.

  • Show active participation
Are you born or made an Introvert

Be among the first to enter the meeting room.

During meetings, greet everyone with a warm smile at the beginning – it will act as an ice breaker and the reciprocation from your coworkers will set the ground for you. Also, it’s a good practice to bid goodbye at the end (that way your chances of getting noticed is high)

Seize every opportunity to speak up whenever there is a requirement to express in few words – you normally do get such opportunities where you need to give your opinion or views or put a point across about something which you know. If you feel what you are going to speak is out of sync, say “I want to add something to what someone mentioned a few minutes back. 

It’s important to keep an eye on such opportunities during meetings.

  • Blow your own trumpet
Introvert Person Meaning

In normal scenarios, an Introvert person would shy away from being in the limelight as he doesn’t have many cravings for fame or authority.

Due to this, he prefers to keep a low profile for himself.

It is natural for an Introvert to not speak about their work till they complete.

To get acknowledged and appreciated it is important to blow one’s own trumpet at regular intervals.

Steps to be taken such as maintaining a small pocket diary filling out in brief about every task accomplishment and to refer the same several times in a day.

Once your mind is updated with the highlights of your task accomplishments, it is imperative to leak out the same in your casual conversations with teammates, your colleagues from other departments and most importantly to your seniors and bosses whether you are meeting them in the corridors, restrooms, near the coffee wending machines or the cafeteria.

Other ways to show your presence and be on top of others mind are:

Introvert Person
  •  to initiate a meeting yourself if you are working on a project.
  • Writing something for the company newsletter.
  • Inform your boss about some success that you have experienced in your work or the project that you are working upon and how it aligns with the organizational needs.
  • Accepting, Giving and Acknowledging Compliments.

These simple practices will have some impact on the minds of your appraiser during the appraisal.

  • Talk Less and Communicate More
  • Smiling when greeting people
  • Nodding and keeping eye contact with the speaker in meetings or groups
  • Sending thank-you notes or emails to coworkers in appreciation of their work
  • Giving out birthday cards

These gestures can go a long way in creating a lasting impression and a great bonding in your workplace.

Few other tips which help Introverts in their career growth

How do I know if I am an introvert person
  • Make a habit of reaching early to office

It would be of advantage to an Introvert person especially if he is among the first few to reach office daily. (I have tried this and it has worked very well for me) This practice will not only give additional time to work, but also sets the pace for the day. You can plan out your day properly, set the priorities and give valuable time in preparation for the important meetings lined up for the day. This practice gives you the much-needed confidence in sailing through the day.

Not only that, Introverts can avoid getting into an awkward situation of the gazing eyes from fellow members who have reached earlier, even if you are on time; worst – if you reach late by any chance. These small wins go a long way in keeping the spirits high for the day.

The focus should be on winning small battles every single day.

What do Introverts fear most
What do Introverts fear most?

Introverts would fear being in the social limelight throughout.

They would not like to compromise on their private space.

They feel uncomfortable in highly stimulating environments.

Social interactions for prolonged period drain them off.

A person who is both Introvert and Extrovert
What about a person who is both Introvert as well as Extrovert?

The term used to describe such a person is Ambivert.

Well, for an Ambivert, he can enjoy the best of both the worlds 😊

Research says that most people fall in the middle of the spectrum.

There are elements of Extroversion in Introverts and elements of Introversion in Extroverts.

It’s just that some may show more characteristics of one of these personalities most of the times.

A study among CEOs, COOs & President positions have found that ‘Creativity is one of the most common traits among successful executives.’

Well, this is great news for Introverts as this also means that you don’t necessarily have to be a magnanimous, charismatic and extroverted person to be in a leadership role.

Are there any such practices that you follow being an Introvert which has helped you in your career?

Do share in the comments below.

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